Monday, March 9, 2015

'The Building Blocks of Positive Parenting' by Barbara Roba, Ed.M, CAS, LMHC


The book that parents wish their children were born with is here!Do you wonder what to do when your child refuses to listen to you? Do you wish your child wasn't so defiant? Is there a way to quell tantrums? Do you know how positive discipline can make your life easier as a parent? In The Building Blocks of Positive Parenting, Barb answers each of these questions and much more with easy to understand explanations, tips, plans, and interventions than can be put into place today!

Most parents have very busy lives and don't have the time or energy to spend reading parenting books cover to cover. The best part of The Building Blocks of Positive Parenting is that you don't have to read the whole book to see changes in your child. In the first few chapters, you will easily learn the foundations to positive parenting. From there, you take control and get to pick and choose from behaviors specific to your child. Doing so will allow for a targeted approach instead of having to weed through information that has nothing to do with your child and family. Given our fast-paced world, this book is a refreshing and easy-to-use tool to encourage positive change.

Read an excerpt:
The handbook that you always wished you had begins right here, right now. 
At the cornerstone of parenting there are several things to keep in mind when raising your children. These “must-know” items are separated into the following categories:
-Foundational skills

It is your job to shelter your children from the ills of the world and then to finally set the record straight by educating them on what they are seeing and how that impacts the expectations that have been set for them.

This may sound strange, but it is true: the best time to inter- vene in your child’s misbehavior is when the misbehavior is not happening.

Each childhood behavior and disorder is categorized by the following three reference points:
• Introduction to the behavior or mental disorder
• Formal diagnosis as defined by the American Psychiatric Association
• Interventions that put you on the path to improving behaviors

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Barb Roba is a licensed mental health counselor and has earned a masters degree along with her Certificate of Advanced study in school counseling. Her area of expertise is found working with young children and their families to develop positive parenting and behavior management techniques. Barb is a mother of two boys. She currently works as an elementary school counselor and provides online mental health therapy to clients.

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