Monday, July 6, 2020

Review of Fate and Blind Dates (Twist of Fate Series #2) by Melissa Baldwin

Yoga-loving massage therapist Francesca “Fran” Riley is feeling unsettled in her career and her never-changing single status. Frustrated at seeing loved ones find the happiness she so desires, Fran decides to put her future in to the hands of the universe. And it seems to work, too, when a loyal client wants to set Fran up with her nephew.

But maybe the universe has other plans when a wild turn of events leads to a massive case of mistaken identity, leaving Fran with an impossible choice. Though she's being pulled in two different directions, Fran knows in her heart that fate will show her the way. That is, if she can trust it to lead her to happiness.

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**My thoughts**
We got to meet Fran in the first book in this series, as she coached her best friend Cora from afar during Cora's adventures in Hawaii. You don't need to have read Cora's story to understand this one, but you'll definitely enjoy that one. She makes an appearance in this book and turns the tables on her best friend, this time kind of throwing Fran's advice back at her. 

Fran has been in a drought for quite some time and well-meaning people try to fix her up. Pardon me while I roll my eyes. I can completely feel Fran's pain with this. Some people cannot leave well enough alone. But she actually ends up lucking out, and fate brings her two men to enjoy. But which one is right for her? Plenty of twists and turns take her along the journey to discovering her one true love, and it's a delightful ride.

This one was perfect for sitting poolside and killing some time. I'm liking this series and looking forward to its continuation.

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