Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Meet Jan Elliott, author of Faith Full Retirement

Jan Elliot, author of Faith Full Retirement, has had a long and inspired speaking career, presenting women’s seminars and conferences for her own company, janspeaks, for National Seminars and as a certified trainer for the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. She’s trained hundreds of men and women how to be more effective in the workplace, and now she speaks to baby boomer women who want to make the most of retirement. Jan offers compassionate, faith-based guidance to help retiring women find clarity, take action and gain peace of mind in their golden years. Get to know her a bit better with these five fun facts:

Five Fun Facts (you didn’t know about Jan Elliott but now you do):

  1. During my speaking career with National Seminars and Franklin Covey, I spoke in every state in the US except North and South Dakota.
  2. My most favorite trip ever was an RV trip we took with my husband, daughter, son, mother in law, sister in law and niece from Seattle WA to San Diego CA in 1984. And we were all still speaking when we returned home.
  3. My husband went to school with Hillary Rodam Clinton in Park Ridge IL and therefore I got to attend his 25th high class reunion at the White House. And yes, Bill Clinton, just getting started in his Presidential term, is magnetic.
  4. I served, then Govenor, Jimmy Carter, tea and cake, in Atlanta when my husband was at GA Tech.
  5. My daughter and my most favorite thing to do is hit a really good Goodwill store. We find such treasures!

Faith Full Retirement

If you are a woman between 45 and 65 and struggle with planning for retirement and fear you may not make or be making the best choices, you have come to the right place. Once you discover how to analyze what's working and what's not working, you will be able to implement the tools need to put into action to find true joy in your later years.

"Be happy, for your life is a gift ... You make it beautiful at any age."
Jan Elliott

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Retirement planning expert, Jan Elliott, works with women in close-knit workshop settings, to offer motivation and guidance in creating a vision and plan for retirement. Her past careers were spent supporting thousands of women in areas of weight loss, interior design, time management, appearance, organization and financial fitness through her own speaking business, as well as through National Seminars and Franklin Covey. She is also an entrepreneur at heart, with a knack for real estate investing and internet marketing, Learn more at www.faithfullretirement.com

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