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Meet Tasher, the author and entrepreneur behind Divorced and Scared No More

Over the past several days, you have probably seen many excerpts and references to the Divorced and Scared No More series by Tasher, both on here and over at Uplifting Reads. She wrote the books to reach out to people who are going through a divorce and struggling to find their way again. Drawing on her own experience with her divorce after 26 years of years of marriage, she wants to let people know that they are not alone. Now, find out more about the woman behind the books. 

Welcome back, Tasher! Please tell us a bit more about yourself.
I was born in Flint, Michigan to Mary and Houston Asher. I have one older brother named C. Robert Asher. We lived on a farm in Linden, Michigan until she was in middle school. At which time my family moved to the suburbs of Flint so my parents could be closer to the factories they worked in. Mom worked for Chevrolet at the Metal Fab plant and Dad worked in Buick City on the North end.
Readers may not be aware that you have dyslexia, which can present its own challenges. What have you found your challenges to be?
I suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia until my high school teacher, Ms. Burdick recognized the symptoms and sent me for diagnoses. Ms. Burdick had a big impact forming my view of the reading disorder. She taught me how to use various strategies and techniques along with technical aids to help with the management of dyslexia. Within a short time, she taught me how it really was a gift that I just needed to learn to control. After learning to control my gift my grades quickly improved and I graduated Ainsworth high school with a scholarship. I attended Northwood University in Midland, Michigan graduated in four years with three degrees. Upon graduation I was hired by General Motors Corporation in their Memphis Zone. So I really don’t look at dyslexia as a challenge it is rather my gift.
What inspired you to start writing?
I have dyslexia and writing is something everyone told me I couldn’t do especially my ex. So after my divorced and with the encouragement of friends, family and my divorce attorney, I decided it was time to try.
So, you started with the Divorced and Scared No More series and also created a website. How did these come about?
I married my ex-husband on January 14, 1984 in Columbus, Mississippi. We had 3 children together. He was a pilot in the USAF and relocated from Columbus Mississippi to San Antonio Texas. At which time I decided to quit my job as a district manager for General Motors Parts Division and became a stay at home mother. Until, we divorced on our twenty sixth wedding anniversary January 14, 2010. After moving to Houston, I launched the website and became a frequent contributor to various online magazines. Along with co-author Tony Haynes published a 3 book series called ‘Divorced and Scared No More’. The main objective of this book was to help in dealing with a divorce. Therapist and clinical author Justin Nutt, LSCSW, LAC, was consulted as a technical advisor for the series.
What inspired the title?
The name of the series as a continuation of the website. The name for the website is to help people understand there is no reason to be scared post-divorce. Now is the time to make your life yours and do what you want. Create a life where you are in control and if you need help look to your higher power to forge the new life you will enjoy.
Into what genre does this book fit?
The series is for self-help in dealing with life after divorce.
How did you come up with the logo?
The logo for the website and books is a broken set of pilot wings. My ex-husband was a pilot and when they get their first set of wings in the USAF they break them in half and give one half to someone they love and the other half is thrown away. The point is those wings will never come together again. Just like our marriage after the divorce.
What can we find you doing when you are not writing?
My daughter and two grandchildren live in the Houston area by me and my spare time is enjoying watching the wee ones’ activities. My family is my world and I enjoy as much time with them as I can have.
What advice do you have for other writers?
No matter what your challenge is while writing stick with your passion. Do not listen to others that say you can’t…….if they say that to you think to yourself wanna bet! You can do anything you want to do but be prepared that you may have to work a little harder or find tools that can help you.
Thank you so much for your time!

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