Friday, December 21, 2012

'Compulsive Desires' Release Day Party!

We’re happy to celebrate the release of Compulsive Desires, an adult contemporary romance novel by author Ava Catori! 
Compulsive Desires
Compulsive Desires: Is it Infatuation or Love?  -- by Ava Catori

Sophie Samuels was in love. Well, okay, maybe it was lust, but who wouldn't be? Bear Trevor, the Bear Trevor, famous adventurer and male model had just fallen in her lap.

It started with a conversation, and then a wicked one night stand, but now Bear was asking for more. The only problem was that Sophie was confused by what she was feeling.

Were her growing feelings real, or was she simply infatuated with the handsome star? Sifting through the details of their fling, Sophie is forced to admit her new obsession may be just that – an obsession. Can Bear convince Sophie that they could be much more together, or will Sophie realize it’s not love after all?

Read an Excerpt!
I’m going to call, what the hell. I mean, it’s not like he has to call me back. I’ll just leave a message. Oh, what if he answers? What do I say? I rolled some thoughts through my mind, trying to figure out how to open – and finally settled on wanting to leave my new number with him in case he should need it.
Need it? Oh yes, because a famed playboy underwear model NEEDS my number, right? Oh Sophie, thank goodness I reached you, I have an emergency. Maybe something else… I wanted to give him my number in case he wants to get in touch with me. Heh, I’ll let him touch me…okay, stop it. Stop it…let’s figure this out.
Wait. Was I interested in him because I thought he was a nice guy, or because he was Bear Trevor? I honestly didn’t know and felt badly. How many people like him because he’s famous? Then again, I bet he has a ton of great opportunities because he is famous. My brain bounced around from one idea to the next, and after enough frustration, I finally decided not to call. I was driving myself crazy thinking about it, and it was getting me nowhere.
Getting into my bikini, I changed my mind again. Just do it, you can say you tried and leave it at that. How many opportunities do I get to meet cute guys? Usually you blow it, Sophie. Exhaling deeply, I picked up my phone.
As I started to dial, my heart was racing. I hung up before I could finish. This is foolish; he doesn’t actually want to hear from me, right? Come on, you can do this. Another deep breath and I made it through his entire number. As the phone rang, I almost went into a full blown panic attack. It rang three times and then went to voicemail. I froze.
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Author Bio

Ava Catori spends her days tied to her keyboard, being happiest there. With a passion for storytelling, she gets lost in the details of building characters and analyzing their thoughts. With a conversational tone, she entertains with fast, fun reads. There’s nothing she likes more than putting a couple together, only to tear them apart so they can find their way back to one another.

Ava resides in New Jersey, but sneaks away to Florida as often as she's able. She’s happily married to a patient man, who has the ability to sustain long hours of rambling thoughts spilling from her non-stop. With the company of three dogs and a cat, she sets her writing schedule around their inability to coordinate their potty breaks.

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