Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review of 'The Fiddler' by Beverly Lewis

Amelia Devries is an extremely talented violinist, whose father's dream for her has been to travel the world's stages. Music is what gives her life; however, she doesn't only like to play the classics. She also loves to fiddle. Her alter ego is Amy Lee, star fiddler, who just opened up for Tim McGraw. No one else in her life knows about her other side, which at times is more appealing than being a concert violinist.

On her way home from the Tim McGraw show, she takes a wrong turn in a horrible rainstorm. She seeks shelter at a nearby cabin, in which an Amishman, Michael Hostetler, lives. Michael was born in the Amish faith, but has recently found himself drawn to the English ways of life as he seeks his higher education.

The two of them are instantly drawn to each other. Michael is amazed at Amelia's talents and beauty. Amelia is drawn to a simpler way of life. Both of them seem to straddle both worlds, though one foot definitely lies more heavily in one than in the other.

As you are reading this book, you realize that one or both of them is going to have to give up their current way of life, in order to make anything work out. Dreams may be fulfilled, but some may have to be given up in order to create new ones. You're torn between how you want them to work this out. If Amelia goes Amish, she will have to give up her music. If Michael becomes English, he faces the disappointment of his community. Both of them fear upsetting their fathers, who have alternative ideas about what their children should do with their lives. You want them to find a way to work it out, to achieve their life's dreams, and to not lose their families in the process.

While I was reading this, I kept envisioning Amelia as a sort of Alison Krauss. I had no celebrity in mind for Michael, but I could still picture him just as clearly in my mind. You could really feel the emotions of the characters as they grew and developed. You rode their roller coaster of hopes and dreams, disappointments and desires. It was a very touching reminder to stay true to yourself. I loved it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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