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What's in a Name? by Jess Wygle, author of 'Evol'

Today, please give a warm welcome to Jess Wygle, author of 'Evol,' as she answers the questions, "What's in a name?"

Though names do not make or break the meat of your story, they can add another facet to the tale you’re unearthing. Perfection is objective down this avenue, but with the proper amount of planning and debate, the purpose of your final decision can have a deeper meaning, not only to the writer, but to the reader as well.

I find the characters and the stories I remember most are the ones who have unique or unheard of names, or ones whose meaning is explained within the story. One of the ‘techniques’ I use is to make lists. I’ll hear a name on television, in the news, in conversation, and jot it down. That doesn’t mean I’m going to use it on the piece I’m writing, but I could use it in the future.

That also goes for titles, either for the story itself or the names of chapters/parts in the story. While in the writing process, I get inspired by poems, songs, and even the context of my story, but may not select the perfect choice until the completion of the story. I may have a list chalk-full of options for a title, each as befitting as the next, but as the writing process progresses, options start to drop off and more may be added.

At the same time, you don’t want to give away too much with a name or a title and you don’t want to be too clich├ę. You also don’t want to send the wrong message. Maybe you chose a title that reflects on a small plot point, but doesn’t really tie into the main theme of the story, which can be misleading.

Keep it simple yet dynamic. Just one word can have a deep impact on the story and the reader, but it has to be the right word. If you’re going to use a foreign word, make sure you not only know its translation but its contextual meaning. Though a foreign word may be able to be translated to English or your native language, it may not hold the same meaning in both languages and some research may be required.

At the end of the day, when you know it’s the perfect fit, you know. There won’t be any more debating or any more searching. If the shoe fits…


“I will do whatever it takes to keep us together. Nothing can keep us apart. You’re mine now.” She’d love him just as he loved her. She had to. She didn’t have a choice.

In love and happily living the life she always dreamed of, Venna Caldwell doesn’t know she is the object of a secret obsession. Until one night when she’s home alone and her stalker finally acts on his fantasies, dragging her into a sadistic nightmare that she barely escapes. Running for her life, from a man who will never stop hunting her, Venna reaches out to her estranged half-brother, grasping desperately at what little hope she has left. How far will she go to keep out of the clutches of the unrelenting monster that's hungry for her?

With her ability to grab the reader by the shirt collar, Jess Wygle delivers a fast-paced and intensely psychological thriller that will make you think twice about the people around you .

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Author Bio:

Jess Wygle is a short story author and novelist. Her titles include Keep it Safe, Evol, Not Alone, Long Awaited, and Where’s My Accident. Primarily writing thrillers, she has included non-fiction and romance in her repertoire.

Jess is married to her husband, AJ and has a young son named Landon. She’s also mother to a one-year- old red fox lab. This self-proclaimed movie buff has a knack for photography. She’s currently enrolled at a local college studying education and has plans to teach English at the high school level as she works her way up the bestseller list.

Contact links:

You can visit her blog at

Twitter: @jcwygle

Facebook: Jess Wygle

Instagram: jesswygle username: jesswygle

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