Saturday, December 7, 2019

Low-Tech Guy in a High-Tech World by Stephen Rubbicco

Low-Tech Guy in a High-Tech World: Managing People, Sales, and Business in Today’s Corporate Environment stresses the back-to-basics approach in management that enabled companies to grow in the past and emphasizes how badly we need it in today’s corporate climate. Using his experience as a sales management leader for over 30 years, author Stephen Rubbicco takes an insightful look at current business practices.

This book is a must-read for managers of all levels and experience, not to mention key executives at companies who are intent on not only surviving Corporate America but on thriving in it.

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About Stephen Rubbicco

Stephen Rubbicco is a graduate of Merrimack College. After graduation, Stephen spent over 40 years navigating the ups and downs of Corporate America as both a salesman and a sales manager. From the rise of technology and the internet to the 2008 recession and subsequent downsizing, Stephen has seen it all.

Now retired, Stephen and his wife, Debora, reside in Florida and Maine, splitting their time with the change of seasons. They have three sons, Anthony, Stephen, and Matthew.

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