Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Review of Murder on a Cruise Ship (Ridgeway Rescue Mystery #4) by P. Creeden

Murder on a Cruise Ship

All hands on deck! It’s a beautiful spring day and 20-year-old Emma Wright is meeting her crush, Colby Davidson, for a two-hour tour specifically for dogs and their owners – The Canine Cruise. She and Molly, the Saint Bernard, are so excited to see both Colby and Gabby, his K9 partner, as the two have been away on training.

It’s smooth sailing until someone shouts “man overboard!” A news reporter who is covering the day cruise for a local station falls into the fast-flowing Potomac River, and she doesn’t know how to swim. Did the reporter fall overboard in an accident, or was it murder?

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**My thoughts**
Emma is all excited because she and her puppy, Molly, are going on a Canine Cruise with her crush, Officer Colby and his dog Gabby.

I had to laugh out loud when Colby warned Emma about being too open with strangers, as she is significantly more perceptive and has a better gut instinct than any of the professionals. For example, she picks up on a weird, ominous conversation between individuals prior to launching.

Emma is permitted to take a more active role in this investigation, which is well-deserved, and I hope things keep going in this direction for her as the series progresses.

This one is my favorite so far in the series, because it felt more intricate in plot for a short story.

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