Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review of 'Paranormal Days Gone Awry: an Anthology'

Book blurb from Amazon:

Bad days, we all have them. Even the supernatural beings among us. Do their powers and abilities make it easier or harder? You be the judge! In this anthology you'll see those doldrums days from every angle. From funny to tragic, from dragon to vampire, whatever your paranormal craving we have a flavor just for you! Enjoy one short story after another from many of today's hot and upcoming authors!

**My thoughts**

Vampires, witches, and zombies, oh my! And elementals and weres! You name it, this book has it!

I had purchased this book during a sale, because I am familiar with many of the Anchor Group authors. I was ecstatic when my book club chose to read it this month. By this time, I was caught up with even more of the authors than I had been before reading it.

I love reading books by Elizabeth Kirke, Christy Sloat, Stacey Rourke, and Karen Pokras Toz. All four of these ladies have stories featured in here, along with 9 others. Some of the stories provide more insight into characters in the full-length novels, such as the short about Dani and the kids by Elizabeth Kirke. Stacey Rourke's story about Keni was already familiar, as it also appears in one of her novellas. Christy Sloat's short about a vampire is an example of an author showing off a different side of her writing skills. Karen Pokras Toz's Nate Rocks is one of my current favorite middle grade series.

I also really liked Dana Piazzi's "Full Moon Flip Flop" and "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" by Katherine Polillo. I am not usually a fan of short stories, but these kept me plenty entertained.

This book is a fantastic introduction to the authors who make up the Anchor Group. It has something for everyone. Following each story is that author's bio and a listing of their other books, so you can catch up on ones you may have missed before.

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