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Review of 'Wilted Wings' by Shadow Stephens

Wilted WingsWilted Wings
Power, greed, and envy fill Damon and Ilisha’s world. Their hope of settling into a life of peace and family remains out of grasp. Damon is kidnapped and forced to stand trial for the death of his father while a breed of hybrids designed to destroy all angels is set loose. With no choice but to leave her earthly mother and baby behind, Ilisha struggles in a world of high politics and family feuds. She must become an ultimate warrior to save her husband and both the worlds she loves.

**My thoughts**

This book is the sequel to 'Broken Butterflies,' which I reviewed last year here. In this story, Ilisha is much stronger, having accepted her life as an angel, with her husband by her side raising her best friend's human baby as their own. She and her husband have a smoking hot relationship, in which they literally damage their surroundings during their mind-blowing sex. (And there is a LOT of that in this book!) She has found a balance in her relationship with her earthly parents and her angel family, though there is still some hostility. You get a sense of peace that she didn't have when we first met her.

Now that there are demons on the loose wreaking havoc, she and her loved ones are called upon again to save the world and she risks losing everything that makes her life so comfortable. They embark upon a battle that traverses the worlds. It's a whirlwind of action that gets confusing in the passage of time and in whom you can actually trust. I did have to go back to reread a couple of passages, trying to figure out how much time had passed because it had blurred so much for me.

I think I did like the first book better than this one, simply because it was about Ilisha figuring out who she was and where she belonged in both of her worlds. Fans of demons are going to love all of the action in this one, though. And like I said before, there are plenty of smoking hot love scenes!

Ilisha's story isn't yet done. There is more to come. Something tells me that the precious baby girl is going to play a big role in the future. I do look forward to seeing how this series continues!

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About Shadow Stephens

Avid Cleveland Browns fan, animal lover, and paranormal addict are just a few ways to describe Shadow Stephens. Shadow grew up in Ohio and West Virginia, which gave her a fear of snakes and the ability to fix anything with duct tape. She has been writing since childhood, but wrote her first novel three years ago. She now resides in Utah with a veritable menagerie of pets and a million ideas in her head just waiting to be put on paper. When she isn't ghost hunting, Shadow can be found writing paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels. This will be her first published book, with many more to follow.

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