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Review of 'Marcie' by Carly Duncan



by Carly Duncan

When Kate's mother, Marcie, dies mysteriously she is forever tormented by the many questions surrounding her mother's death. In Marcie's absence Kate clings to her mother's husbands, searching for solace.

As family secrets are revealed Kate works to build her own life and family, but the mystery of her mother's death sidetracks her until she finally gets the answer she's always hoped for. 

**My thoughts**

Kate is very conflicted in her feelings toward her mother. She always felt like her mother never cared for her, so she put up her own wall against her family. Yet when her mother unexpectedly dies, she is awash with emotion and memories as she tries to sort out her feelings. She quickly bounces back and forth between the present, in which she is gathering information about her mother's death, and the past, in which she is remembering those battles that caused her to become somewhat estranged from her mother. 

Some people may hate the bouncing back and forth between present time and the memories. Having lost a parent, myself, I can say that felt quite accurate to me. Even though you are in the present, dealing with that parent's passing, you can't help but be inundated by those memories.

Kate learns more and more over time, before the full truth is finally revealed to her. In this part, I felt like time sped up pretty quickly, and almost would have liked to have learned more about Kate and how she was dealing with everything. I think that her mom would have been more on her mind than is recorded in her story.

All in all, I did enjoy reading this novella.  

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Carly Duncan is a television producer by day and a writer whenever there is time. She lives with her husband, two daughters and beloved Westie in Brooklyn, New York.

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