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Review of 'The Golden Apple of Discord' by

The Golden Apple of Discord
Taralie Severin and her three sisters are a powerful coven of modern-day witches who banish mythical creatures in between classes and shifts at the police station. But when Taralie is kidnapped by vampires and converted into the undead, her sisters are ordered to execute her for crimes against the Milunfran order. Refusing, the sisters become fugitives from both their kind and vampires alike. Ignorant and hunted, Taralie becomes entangled with unlikely allies, a band of vampires in hiding from the ruling vamperic government. With this new addition to their coven Taralie must balance duty with desire while learning not everything is as it seems, their enemies are worse than she knows, and she could be on the verge of ending a thousand-year-old civil war.

**My thoughts**

This book was quite different than other paranormals I have read. In this one, a witch is targeted for reasons she doesn't know, and is unwittingly turned into a vampire. Her sisters are instructed to kill her. They have such a strong bond, though, that they refuse to do so, eventually becoming vampires themselves. They become sort of vigilantes of the night, feeding only on the scum of society. I couldn't help but think of Dexter with this part of the storyline.

Of course, this quickly draws attention to the girls and they find themselves on the run. A lot of time is devoted to them running in their Yukon as they battle their enemies. They enjoy a close-knit relationship with each other and feed off of each other. Tara is decidedly the leader of the group, but each girl offers her own strengths to balance the others. It also helps when they get to hook up with some tasty men.

This was a book that I had to read in bits and pieces, though others will be compelled to quickly read all the way through. There is all kinds of vampire and witch lore interwoven, some of which I had never heard of before reading this book. Fans of the two will find this combination to be intriguing. 

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Lauren Hodge About Author Lauren Hodge

Lauren Hodge is the oldest of seven children and an identical twin. She has three children and lives in Richland, Washington. Not only does she dislike author biographies immensely, she plays piano decently, cello poorly, likes to cook fattening foods, and shoot anything if gun powder is involved. She has an associates degree in general science and works as a chemist/lab monkey in an environmental lab.

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