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Read an excerpt from 'Chivalry and Malevolence' by Rae Ryans

Chivalry and MalevolenceChivalry and Malevolence

When the Unseelie Court sentences an innocent man to death, the elven Princess Morgana cannot sit idly by as the human Knight perishes. The Queen calls her pathetic and worthless. It does not change how Mori feels about the old laws of Alfheim. These rules punish the faultless, lesser races of the Nine Realms of Odin.  

Of the nine, this realm of the Light is home to many mythical creatures. The portal gates remain forever closed to the human race. However, neglected for centuries, a Knight from the realm of Earth enters the Light. Holding onto his faith and code of honor, he holds stoically in the face of capture and death. Princess Mori remains his only hope, but to save him, she must first save herself.

Read an exclusive excerpt:
“You do not judge me like the others do, Thomas. Mother makes me hide, father ignores me, and my brother rescues me yet never stops it, until it has begun. The servants whisper, the women laugh, and until you only the Prince treated me as if the marks did not exist.” I took her hands in mine. They were smooth and warm, but not unused like the royalty I knew back home. Looking deep in her eyes, I found amusement and laughter where there had been pain naught moments before. I knew then and there, that I had been within my right to take her from the castle. My code as a Knight demanded it.

“Princess Mori, I promise you this. I will allow no one to lay their hands upon you ever again.” I meant it, every single word.

“That is a sweet sentiment, Thomas. I appreciate the vow, but the damage is not from hands but from magic.” Magic, how could this be? Such things simply did not exist.

“Magic? We do not have magic in my world. In fact, it is blasphemy. We call it witchcraft.” It is a sin to practice the art of witchcraft. In my world, you can be killed for it.

“Magic is very real, Thomas. The Faerie court gifted it to all the worlds. We are not witches; we do not use ritual to conduct magic. The proper way is to ask of the elements, to pray to the Gods, and if they see fit then your wish is granted.” What God or element had agreed to harm her? It felt hateful, spiteful even, if someone like Mori could easily be harmed.

“Worlds and Gods … there is more than this one and my own?” I asked in amazement. There were other religions besides Christianity on Earth, but we were taught to believe in a one true God.

Mori nodded her head.

“Sadly, you landed closest to the Unseelie Court. Apart from me, no other in the Kingdom of Alfheim likes humans. This is why we must reach the dragons. Their position is neutral, and perhaps they may grant passage to the southern realm of the Seelie Faeries.” I shook my head in disbelief. I was more than just another outsider. This world may not accept Mori with her imperfections, but at least they did not hunt her because of them. To risk the wrath of a dragon … I was unsure what was actually more dangerous: the road or a leviathan beast that may or may not like me.

“Wait, but you are an elf? How are you involved with the faeries?” I became beyond confused the more Mori told me. Every time she answered one of my questions, I felt like I had three new ones to ask. This world fascinated me, it truly did, yet deep down I knew I would either die here, or be forced to watch Morgana marry a man she could never love. Nevertheless, could she ever love, or truly allow herself the chance to fall in love with a mere human like me?

“Elves are a member of the Faerie race. So are pixies, brownies, gnomes, dwarves, and so on. Faerie is just a general term.” If I lived through this day, nay this adventure, I would have one heck of a story to tell when I returned home. If I ever went home again.

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Rae Z RyansAbout Author Rae Z. Ryans

Rae Z. Ryans loves to create mythical lands and characters that entertain, promote equality, and love. She writes for both children and adults in her world of Six and Twenty. When she is not writing, Ms. Ryans spends her days chasing after her own children, and dreaming up new adventures.

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