Monday, April 15, 2013

Read an excerpt from 'The Return of Catesby' by Bob O'Connor

Today I have the honor of kicking off the virtual book tour for The Return of Catesby, by Bob O'Connor with this excerpt from the book. Enjoy, and pick up your copy at

August 25, 1865

We went to Washington City on the train. Mr. Quinn got us a room at the Willard Hotel. I was not so much in awe of the hotel as I had been when we visited with Mr. Lincoln before to going to Andersonville Prison with the special committee earlier this year.
Mr. Quinn arranged for Major Delany’s letter to be taken by courier to Major General Lew Wallace. He told the courier to return here with the reply.

Mr. Quinn wanted to know what I was going to say when they called me to testify.

“I am going to tell the truth. Allen Means, my friend the prison guard, told me several times that Captain Wirz wrote to Richmond on a regular basis asking for more food and medicine. They refused to send it to him. Allen said it wasn’t Captain Wirz’s fault we were starving. The guards and their families weren’t getting any food either. That’s what I am going to tell them. And I’m going tell them if something horrible like a killing took place while I was there, I would have seen it and recorded it. And I am also going to tell them that I didn’t see anything of the sorts.”

“Do you think they are going to like what you have to say, my friend?” he wanted to know.

“I don’t much care if they like it or not. I’m pretty sure they won’t like it. Major Delany just wants me to tell them what I saw.”

We went down to the dining room and ordered supper. Before we were finished eating, the courier brought the message we were waiting for.

Major General Lew Wallace invited me to participate. He asked me to report to the steno at the hearing room at ten the next morning. They would take my deposition and then call me in to testify.

“See, Catesby. They are waiting to hear from you. I’m sure you will do great.”

“Thanks, Mr. Quinn. I am glad that you came along.”

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