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Learn more about author Herrick C. Erickson-Brigl and 'A Scholar's Journey: The Divine Tempest'

Please welcome author Herrick C. Erickson-Brigl to the blog today!
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Thank you for having me!
What was the inspiration behind 'Divine Tempest'?
I’ve always been a giant fan of really smart characters. I think it really stands out when you have someone that is able to solve a violent situation with their mind, instead of their body. Of course there are plenty of fight scenes in my book, but I really wanted to emphasize a certain overall importance of solving the big picture problem and not just the immediate one.

Which character spoke to you the most while writing?

Penndarius is just so ridiculously cool. Here is this guy who doesn’t throw a single punch the entire day. All the while, he’s besieged by assassins, demons—GODS even! And yet he manages to beat them all because he’s so damn smart! I really like writing this guy. He makes mistakes, he learns from them and that makes him dangerous and unpredictable.

Which scene is your favorite?
There is a scene about three quarters of the way through the book where Soren shows up at a pivotal moment. I am happy with how it turns out because Soren takes a losing battle and turns it into a decisive win in under a page of writing. The way he goes about this battle has so much oomph and panache that I can’t help but love him more. And honestly, you rarely see characters in books take chances like he does. And you worry about him ever single time he does that.

What message would you like readers to take away from this book?
Question everything. Just because a situation has an obvious outcome and an obvious surface reason, doesn’t mean that is the only thing going on. Read into what you see and hear. If you pay attention, you may find the underlying cause and be able to stop it in the future from happening.

Work towards a better future, not just a better now!

On what other projects are you currently working?
Thank you for asking! Yes, I am working on a science fiction novel titled K.R.I.S. (The Kinetic Redirection and Interaction Suite). And! A new fantasy series that I have dubbed “The Rise of the Worldwolf”

Tell us more about your Kickstarter campaign.
I am using Kickstarter to pre-sell the second book in this series as well as provide the funds to have the second book edited. However, by investing in Kickstarter, you can also get, The Divine Tempest, the first book of the series.

The second book of the series is already in its final draft and is ready for the editorial process to begin. Having a book properly edited costs money. In fact, it is one of the more expensive parts of the publishing process. I am ready to have this second book finished and published.

As a supporter, you'll get a copy of the completed book when the editing is done. Every Kickstarter donation tier includes receiving either the first or second or both books, in either e-book or hard-copy form!

Here is the link:

What is the appeal of fantasy for you?
This is a fun question, so I am probably going to start rambling a bit. I hope that is okay?

I come from a long line of inventors, people who dreamed of things that no one yet had done. Since I was a small child, i’d always been creatively oriented. So, when picking books, fantasy was a natural draw for me. I wanted adventure! I wanted to think about new worlds! I wanted to think of new beings. I wanted to think of new ways to get things done. To be honest, I think I that having valued the freedom of creativity above anything else. And fantasy is one of those places where I could do that.

Most of all, I think I am fascinated by magic. It is an interesting “deus ex machine” that can be used for good or evil. Or you might call it a carte blanche that is widely accepted as a way to give writers as much creativity as they want.

I am a bit procedurally oriented when it comes to my writing and I want to be able to say both why and how something ticks. I can easily explain a guy jumping from the third story of a building and living. That is basic physics and there are videos of this on the internet.

But when it comes to creating a staff of fire from thin air or entirely different realms of reality? That I cannot do. That is where I think magic is most helpful.

How can you make yourself stand out in the fantasy genre?
I think I am at my best with vivid detail and by having unique characters.

I breathe life into scenes by putting the readers into them with sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. I really think that aspect stands out, because the readers get something they normally don’t.

I work really had on my characters so that they are unique and interesting. I tend to look for character traits that aren’t often used, such as a main character that only uses his mind to solve problems while everyone else is fighting fiercely.

How does writing fulfill you?
Books are my safe place, and I want to give back to the world. When I was in pain, my books taught me how to endure. When I was afraid, they showed me how to be brave. When nights were their darkest, they led me get to the next day.

I know there are others who are having difficulties in life. I want to create new, safe places to go when it all gets too heavy. Let my books, with their indomitable heroes, provide a safe haven for you, too.

What is the best piece of writing advice you have ever received?
Write! The hardest part is getting your ideas on the page. Do you have writer’s block? Write! It may feel hard to get that initial five minutes down on the page but once you start, you won’t stop. Do you have problems coming up with ideas? Sit down and just start writing up what you think is cool! Who are your personal favorite characters? What made them tick? What traits do you admire in them? Why were they so much fun to read? Learn from them, grow from reading about them, and start writing!

What is something readers may be surprised to learn about you?
I work in the game industry on and off. Last year I worked on Darksiders II as a level designer. I actually have a degree in video game design and that is one of my other passions. I’m taking a year off from the game industry right now, maybe a bit more, depending on how just writing turns out. But in the future I might want to pursue it again and possibly go into game writing or game design again.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for reading this interview and I hope you enjoy The Divine Tempest as much as I enjoyed writing it! Don’t forget to check out the Kickstarter and get your copy of The Divine Tempest, plus pre-order your copy of A War of Lies!

Thank you for your time!
Thank you for having me! I am so honored that you did this interview and that you asked such great questions!


A Scholar's Journey The Divine TempestA Scholar's Journey: The Divine Tempest

A Scholar’s Journey: The Divine Tempest is a no-holds-barred fantasy brawl. It begins when the God of Justice and Retribution opens The Abyss and unleashes a vengeful demon upon the mortal realm of Therra.

Now it is up to scholar Penndarius Greyson and his tormented protector, martial artist Soren Luna Mortalitas, to stop a crisis that would send shockwaves through the very fabric of creation. In addition, Penndarius is waging an internal battle with a disembodied presence attempting to possess his mind. The two heroes must avoid death or capture, but there is a catch: They have only one day to solve a riddle older than history before a dark host of unstoppable demons is released into the world.

The Divine Tempest includes warring factions, betrayal and redemption, and of course, Herrick Erickson-Brigl's trademark: epic fight scenes. This is the lean, hard-hitting first installment in a series that follows Penndarius’s growth as the avatar of the God of Creation and Soren’s reclamation of his lethal family’s humanity.

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Herrick C. Erickson-Brigl About Herrick C. Erickson-Brigl

Herrick Erickson-Brigl has been reading fantasy since he first learned to read and writing it nearly as long. While in college, Herrick's passion for writing culminated in his first novel, entitled *A Scholar’s Journey: The Divine Tempest*. He is currently completing his second book in that series.

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