Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#AtoZChallenge Author Belinda Boring

When looking for an author whose first or last name begins with B, you can't help but think of Belinda Boring! She is a beloved indie author who is famous for bringing the SWOON and taunting readers with those damn cliffhangers. Don't let that name fool you!

I first came across her via my association with Promotional Book Tours. I have promoted her in the past, via promos, interviews, excerpts, and the link. Alas, I have only read one book at this point. Do you know how ginormous by TBR pile is? All of her other ones are in that huge pile. I really do plan to read them. Tours will shove them to the top of the pile...

Which of Belinda's books have you read? What other similar books do you recommend?

Click on a book cover to be taken to the Amazon page for more information and to read others' reviews. See what I mean about the swoon? *fans self* 

And just FYI - the first book in The Mystic Wolves series is always free! (At least it has been every time I have looked!)

The Mystic Wolves Series

Brianna Lane Series

Enchanted Series

Be sure to also visit Belinda Boring on Facebook!

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  1. What a great idea for a theme for this challenge! I agree, these book covers are "hawt"! ;)


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