Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'Arthur's Return' by Duncan Wallace

Blurb from Smashwords:

Ever wondered what it would be like to finish school early and head off into the wider world in search of adventure? Well, this is exactly what Arthur decides to do. 

Though happy and content in the stillness and quiet of his home surroundings, Arthur knows he must explore. 

Arthur’s Return charts the outward egress and inward ingress of a young man on a mission to find himself and discover new things. He sets off almost without thinking and once he is on his way, he continues and each step forward makes for an increase in pace and drama. He packs in relationships and interaction with others wherever the road takes him. He is also involved with what is going on around him. There is a sort of otherworldliness that impinges on day to day practicality in the form of the people he sees or meets which he hears in a semi visionary way - then the adventure really starts and it seems like his voyage round half of Europe will last forever before returning to the apparent tranquility of a residency in a boatyard. Everything does not go to plan and soon Arthur is called into action.

A must read for young aspiring adventurers!

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About the author:

Duncan Wallace is from Linlithgow, Scotland who has travelled somewhat across Europe and Britain over his 38 years. He is a law graduate, his mother was an artist and his father is the published author Gordon Wallace. He is currently at Stirling University reading Ecology.


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