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Review of 'Hearing Love' by Katie Lee

Hearing Love - Book Tour
By Katie Lee
Contemporary Romance
Date Published: April 16, 2014

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Ella James, the beautiful, feisty Director of Operations at Coopers’ Treats finds herself immediately at odds with Alexander Shepard, CEO of SBS, Inc. Alex’s company is looking to merge with the financially shaky Coopers’ Treats, but from the moment they met, Alex had this way of getting under Ella’s skin. Alex’s plans for the merger would require Ella to uproot herself from her safe, quiet existence in the bucolic suburban enclave of Brookside and move to the bright lights of Manhattan. For Ella, who lost her hearing at a young age, change wasn’t something she embraced or welcomed freely. She was also reluctant to leave Chase Kramer, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, even though they were currently in the “off-again” phase.

But a merger with the more financially stable SBS, Inc. would mean ensuring Coopers’ Treats continued existence, so Ella packs up and heads for the Big Apple, hoping that giving Chase the chance to really miss her might clarify his feelings for her. When Ella gets to Manhattan, she is charmed by both the big city and Alex. Despite her feelings for Chase, she finds herself hopelessly drawn to Alex and the chemistry between them is sizzling. They embark on a passionate, fun, whirlwind affair. Ella is surprised by her intense feelings for Alex, even though she is still haunted by dreams of chasing after an elusive man, dreams that she started having when Chase first broke off their relationship.

 As the merger deadline approaches, Ella finds herself caught between her feelings for two very different men. As she works to see that the merger is completed successfully, her muddled feelings for both men threaten to jeopardize everything she holds dear. Will she finally be able to hear love and make the right choice?

“What happened to Alexander Shepard?” 
“I kicked him out,” Ella James answered, her voice dismissive. 
“You what?” Cynthia asked with a gasp. 
Ella was surprised by the distressed expression on her assistant's face. “What?”

“I-I. . .” Cynthia stopped, shaking her head. “You really kicked him out?” 
“Cyn, what’s going on?” 
Cynthia took a deep breath before answering. “I saw Mr. Cooper while I was in the bakery and he told me that he forgot to tell you that someone named Alexander Shepard would be coming in to meet with you. He said to tell you that he’s the CEO of the corporation and that you’d know what that means.” 
Ella bolted out of her chair as panic gripped her. “Oh my God!” 
As she fought to contain the rising panic, Ella's mind went back to her meeting earlier that day.

**My thoughts**

I admit that I was attracted to this story, because of the slight twist of Ella being deaf. Would that have an impact on her relationships? How would the author handle this? Really, it was just a part of who Ella is, as much as her eye color or hair color. It's a factor in her life, but not an overwhelming issue. She has some slight insecurities about it, because in her past, men have blown her off because of her hearing loss. In spite of it, she is a highly determined woman, eager to work toward getting what she wants and needs out of every aspect of her life.

Her complicated relationship with Chase is one I can relate to. Many of us have had that one old flame whom we can never quite let go of, because life just isn't right with or without that person. The attachment is destined to cause her problems, only the problems go a little further than she ever anticipated.

Alex is likeable. At the same time, I want to punch him in the face half of the time. He is used to getting what he wants in the business world. He has never really been too serious in his love life. Ella manages to throw his world into a complete tailspin, forcing him to learn how to function in uncharted territory. Lucky for him, Ella can be very forgiving. Their relationship also makes you wonder about mixing business with pleasure. The pitfalls are quite obvious in this story. But then you have those underlying reasons why romance and passion and true love can trump all else.

This was a very satisfying read on a warm, sunny day. I will look for more by this author in the future.

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About the Author:

 photo DenverBar_zps81c40bb7.jpgKatie Lee has had a lifelong love affair with books. She fell in love with her first book in the second grade and hasn’t looked back since. She first took up writing as a hobby, wanting to craft her own magical adventures, and through the love and encouragement of family and friends, decided to get serious about writing and share her stories with the world.

She currently resides in Maryland in the United States. She works for the government during the day, and her spare time is devoted to writing. She gains inspiration from all sorts of things, but mostly from the fun and adventurous trips she takes when she can.

Her debut novel, "What Endures" was published in August of 2013 and is available on Amazon.

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