Friday, May 23, 2014

About Jolie DeMarco, author of 'Dee Lori's Table 42'

Jolie is a person with a BIG imagination, and she loves to dream. Jolie feels she serves others with her gift of hearing messages clairaudiently from Archangels, spirits and higher knowledge. People call her “Messenger of the Light”.

More than a psychic …Jolie wrote 3 Mindful Children’s books in the year 2007. Then in 2010 the genre went to self-healing as she wrote and self-published several books: The 2nd Shift Self- Healing this book provides insight of Crystals, Mudras and Mandalas along with ways to adapt in the new world. This book compliments her Angel channeled Self-Healing Mandalas oracle deck. It contains 52 intuitively channeled paintings; spirit messages, crystal and essential oil for meditation’s and remedies. Each of these paintings emits frequencies for self-healing for humans. These energetic mandalas are now available on i-tunes and Google play for cell phones a long with the full color printed card deck.

Jolie’s most popular book is called The Energy Exchange and How to Manifest with It… to help teach people of how energy” works” in everyday life.

Currently Jolie is speaking across the USA about “The Energy Exchange and Manifesting.” Jolie is wrapping up her new fiction book a story of psychic abilities in life starring a “foodie” writer .It is an outlandish outlook on psychic phenomena. Available in print July 2014.

Among Jolie’s visionary abilities she is founder of The Academy of Telepathy. She created a worldwide team of people that practice weekly skills to strengthen their telepathic communication. Jolie is the innovator of the “tele-box “and tele-box theories and research.

Jolie launched an empowerment program for teen. It is called PREHAB4TEENS. This is a mentorship program that helps teen find self-respect and empowerment keeping them on a positive path. For more information visit

Her latest novel, a delightful chick lit piece, is currently free on Amazon, through 5/24! Click on the book cover to check it out and download it today!

Jolie DeMarco 561-843-9222


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