Thursday, May 22, 2014

'Dee Lori's Table 42' by Jolie DeMarco


A young female Frommer’s writer on assignment of the consistency of food- eats at the same order by number restaurant with her goof ball mag -writer girlfriend. Both friends are aspiring to be “more” in writing. One is writing a book of intriguing short stories from her dreams and meditations- on the side of her real job as a dining blog critic. The other- scripting a psychic TV game show for a Californian mogul simultaneously writing for Miami’s hottest trash magazine called “BLAH”.

Both writers insanely determined –filling their voids in life by multi-tasking find their selves entering a fiction contest with Createspace for fifty grand. This contest is just one of their many competitions and quests for “more.”

These BFFs express their written shorts as they eat at the same place- 6 weeks in a row. They evaluate their non- existent love lives and decide to change monotony by betting substantial amounts of money on each other’s dates. How you ask? By using their newfound ability to psychically read auras and energy from their countless male coffee dates.

Both twenty something’s are crazy talented with dimensional outlooks of their abilities as “readers and writers.” They increase their high vibrations and truths through an intuition workshop at a local Mindful Center. This is a special place with the feel of an energy vortex that exceeds the norm of a retail crystal shop. It has an organic tea bar including the oddly normal looking psychic that teaches them telepathic mind skills. The friends find that there are no coincidences, but experience many lessons with outrageous outcomes.

About the author:

Jolie has had hardships like everyone; she has healed from mold poisoning, melanoma and cervical spine surgery all within 3 years. As a young child she was able to sense energies around her- later she had a near death experience that re-opened her spirit connection. She often says these experiences gave her ‘character”, and that she was “re-wired” to be a clearer channel of messages and conduit of healing energies.

Jolie is an advocate of high vibrational living (that means happily). She is an inspirational Speaker, Author, Certified Angel Messenger, Clairvoyant, and Medium and Empath. Jolie is a Reiki Master, Crystal healer and innovator of Light Tunnel Energy Healing TM. She refers herself as a pipeline or conduit for these healing modalities, which includes emotional, mental and physical and energetic body reading.

Jolie enjoys sharing her “gifts” with others. She has helped many people with “channeled messages;” special messages she receives through her 6th sense. Jolie’s mission is to share knowledge empowering people across the globe.


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