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Check out excerpts from 'Wishful Thinking' & 'Not Another Wish'

Title: Wishful Thinking
Author: S.P. Wilcox
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Left heart broken by her high school sweetheart Sydney is in no means interested in having a serious relationship. She has just finished her freshman year of college and is headed home, leaving her best friend at school and no hopes for an exciting summer.

Sydney is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime by her longtime friend Heather. Accepting this opportunity could make or break her summer vacation. When a gorgeous young man crosses her path more than one time, Sydney is almost torn to pieces by her immediate attraction to him. Making her choice simple, she will take the offer from her friend and embark on a summer she will never forget.

Sydney is looking for a summer filled with endless amounts of fun. What she doesn't know is this is the summer that will change her love life forever. See what happens to Sydney in her quest to have a summer filled with no ties.

Look for book two in this series, Not Another Wish, due out on Amazon in October 2012.

This is an adult contemporary book. It is not meant for anyone under 17

Read an excerpt:
“No panties?” he whispered. 
I smiled wickedly, “I told you, you would not get into my panties, I never said anything about my jeans!”  He started to laugh and lifted me up, still straddling him, carrying me with my legs wrapped around his waist to his bedroom.
His room was all cleaned up when we entered, I guess he knew he would have a guest this evening, or at least was hoping for a guest.  He sat me down on the edge of the bed leaning over to kiss me. His breath was hot, my pulse was rushing through me, and he pushed me up the bed and lay down on his side next to me.  Running his fingers along my arms, across my stomach, and down the sides my thighs, goose bumps running along my skin.  He turned to his night stand and turned on his iPod, music was surrounding us. 
“I am not really a fan of thumping hip hop music,” I said. 
“Don’t worry it is a mix playlist, it will change, I think your favorite Tim McGraw is coming up.”
My eyes were looking down and I couldn’t help but notice his large erection in his shorts.
“See something interesting down there?” he asked me.  I licked my lips, his breathing hitched.
“Everything about you is interesting, but right now, I feel bad that I left you high and dry this afternoon.” I said.
Pushing Grant down on his back, I got on top, straddling him.  I leaned down and kissed his lips with slow methodical kisses.  My hands in his hair, I moved my lips down around his chin along his jaw line and sucked on each earlobe just enough to feel his hands tighten around my thighs.  Scooting down his body I began to lift his shirt up, exposing his chest and ribs, tan and completely mouthwatering.

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Title: Not Another Wish
Author: S.P. Wilcox
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

“Grant, I have to go,” I told him.

“No, please talk to me, will you talk to me… tell me how you feel.”

I am dying right here on the patio.

“What do you want me to tell you, that all is forgiven and we can be together?”

“Is that an option?” he asked me. I laughed a little.

“It is going to take more than one phone call asking for me to forgive you for it to be an option,” I told him.

As Sydney decides to throw caution to the wind and begin another relationship with the man who has captured her heart. As their relationship strengthens and their fears and jealousy’s are explored, they become closer than they thought they could ever be even with the thousands of miles separating them.

When Sydney and Grant’s futures get in the way of them being together see the rocky road they lead and the changes in their lives that make their paths criss- cross. Sydney finishes her college career and begins life as a young adult. She becomes a strong independent woman and is reluctant to give up her heart to any man especially the one who keeps floating in and out of her life leaving her heart broken. Can Sydney live with all of her feelings for the only man she has every truly loved tucked away in a small box in her soul?

Is Grant her only true love or does someone else come along to show Sydney that she can love again? These questions and so much more can be found in the pages of “Not Another Wish”!

Read an excerpt:
He pressed his forehead on mine, “I have something important to talk to you about, I know you are going to be upset with me.”
I had already been upset lately about our relationship constantly feeling as if at any moment things would begin to break down, separating us.  Not that anything had happened, just some inner part of my brain and heart knew time was running out.
I didn’t say anything, the look in my eyes said it all, he knew I was scared.
“My internship, well it is starting soon, and…”
I could feel the lump in my throat getting bigger and tears welling in my eyes.  I wanted to yell at him to “spit it out already.”  I didn’t say anything.
Grant continued, “I am not going to be able to go with you to Jade’s wedding.”  He said it very softly, sorrow in his voice.  He was looking at me, straight in the eyes.
I sat up and pushed him away from me.  I didn’t know what to say, I was furious, I was sad, and I was terribly hurt.  I could feel the ache in my heart returning and the tears start coming down my face.  This is why he came out to see me this weekend, it was to pacify me, knowing we wouldn’t be together in June.
“What… why… didn’t you ask for the time off?”  I asked my voice laced with sadness.
“I did, but they said there was a new project starting and I would be a part of the team handling it.  Sydney, there is more I need to tell you.”
I was standing with my back to him, while he was still sitting on my bed.  The ache in my heart, weakening me.  “God, what else?” is all I thought.
Not turning to look at him, quietly, I asked, “What is it Grant, just tell me.”
“The project it is…it is not in New York…it is overseas.”

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Author Bio

S.P.Wilcox is an independent author living in Southern California with her husband, for children and puppy. She enjoys writing, reading, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family. Look for more works by this Author including Wishful Thinking and a new YA book out in 2013.

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