Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review of 'Trippin' Holidays' by Emily Walker

Blurb from Amazon:

The Holidays bring Colleen an unexpected high. Trippin Holidays is a heart-warming tale of accidental drug use.

**My thoughts**

I downloaded this short story for free on Amazon, on the recommendation of some friends. Short stories are not my favorite, as I often feel unfulfilled. I prefer longer reads.  The end of this one definitely had me wanting to know what happened next!

This short story had me chuckling. Her descriptions of getting dressed in an uncomfortable outfit and killer stilettos to go out on a winter night are hilarious. So are her exploits once she gets to the club and is under the influence. 

I have a hard time believing Colleen would actually think that dots were chocolate, let alone accept them from someone she doesn't even know. She comments about how gross the guy is, as well as the surroundings. She does say that she is a chocoholic, and stranger things have happened. 

It was amusing for a quick and free read. 

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