Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet Author Kelly Anne Blount! 4:30 EST on 1/4/13

Today is the special Facebook Event by Release Day Diva to meet author Kelly Anne Blount! It takes place from 4:30-6:30 EST.

Join the event by clicking here!

You will need the following excerpt to particpate:

Breathing heavily as he sprinted along the never ending riverside, he never lost site of the grotesque tracks of the Grishma. The horrendous smell still hung in the air, which caused bile to creep up the back of his throat.
Suddenly, a small stumpy figure covered in thick brown mud jutted out in front of his path. Ryder collided with the creature at full speed, which caused them both to fall to the ground.
“HEY! Watch what you’re doing!” screamed the orvba in a shrill voice.  
“Excuse me? Have you lost your mind? If so, let me refresh this situation, YOU ran out in front of ME!”
The orvba pulled himself to his feet, “Doubtful young man. What are you doing running so fast down this river line anyways? Are you trying to draw attention to yourself?”
“Look, I’m not the one covered in mud crouching alongside the river!”
“These are times when it’s best not to be seen lad. Speaking of which, I repeat, are you trying to draw attention to yourself by sprinting down the Swive River?”
Not wanting to divulge too much information, Ryder stood up slowly and answered, “No, no, I’m not. I’m just trying to find something.”  
“Well you best be careful. There was a Nalun attack yesterday and a Grishma sighting.”
“What? Yesterday?” A new wave of fear washed over Ryder. “Where? Here?”
The orvba’s eyes widened and he nodded as he spoke. “Yes, my brother Cridifer saw it with his own two eyes. The beast attacked a girl just upstream from here. Amazingly she got away and climbed out on to the pier! Can you believe it? I’ve never heard of a Necohian surviving a Nalun attack!”

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