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Guest Post by Parker Francis, Author of 'Bring Down The Furies'

Today I am turning the blog over to Parker Francis, author of Bring Down the Furies. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m often asked where I get the crazy ideas for my books. Stephen King used to joke that there was a special section on eBay where you could buy plot ideas. And I’ve been known to tell people my weird ideas are a result of the strange medication I was taking back in the 60s. Of course, story ideas can come from anywhere. But with BRING DOWN THE FURIES, the second Quint Mitchell Mystery, it all came down to research.

FURIES is a follow-up to Quint’s first adventure, Matanzas Bay, an award-winning book set in St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city. When the reader first meets Quint in that book he’s a volunteer on an archaeological survey where he digs up the body of the vice mayor. But that’s another story. I knew the next book would take Quint to another location, and I wanted find a setting where archaeology might play a small part in a larger mystery, as it did in the first offering.

Searching the Internet, I located a listing of archaeological projects in the southeast. That led me to the Topper site outside Allendale, South Carolina where Dr. Albert Goodyear has found artifacts made by the pre-Clovis people dating back thousands of years. Claxons began ringing in my head, and I asked myself what if a Creationist minister feuded with the archaeologist and it boiled over into a tension-filled media circus. Now I felt I was onto something that could explode from a single idea into a longer, more compelling narrative.

With more research I learned that General Sherman’s troops had burned down the original town on their way to Columbia during the Civil War. This bit of historical news tripped another set of creative neurons (or maybe it really was that strange medication kicking in once again) and I decided fire would play a major role in the story. That led to the idea of a serial arsonist at work in Allendale.

Now the plot was really boiling. But I needed to transport Quint to Allendale in order to immerse him in the sadistic kettle of violence brewing in my evil head. This is where the “Heartthrob Bandit” comes into play. Ricardo “Ricky” DeAngelis is a suave con man who preys on wealthy elderly women. Quint is hired by one of DeAngelis’ victims to track him down and retrieve some property he’d stolen. Since Quint’s an ace tracker of bad guys and lost property, he locates him in Allendale, SC.

Of course, Ricky eludes Quint until the very end of the book. In the meantime, Quint blunders into the growing dispute between the minister and the archaeologist, while also making himself the target of the arsonist. And to add a little more spice to the plot, there’s another love interest for Quint to pursue, as if he doesn’t have enough on his plate.

Some of my early readers have been very kind. Bestselling thriller author Steve Berry had this to say, "Another terrific outing for Parker Francis, who definitely delivers what readers want.  He's a powerhouse storyteller and a welcome addition to the thriller genre.  Hang on tight and remember to breathe."

And Deborah Sharp, author of the Mace Bauer Mysteries, wrote, “I'm wild about Bring Down the Furies, the second Quint Mitchell Mystery. With a finely drawn Southern setting and a crackling good plot, author Parker Francis offers up a riveting page turner.”

But readers are capable of making up their own minds, aren’t they? So I encourage them to read BRING DOWN THE FURIES—and write their own review.

Parker FrancisAbout Author Parker Francis

Parker Francis is the pen name of author Victor DiGenti. As Parker, I write gritty, fast-paced mysteries filled with murder, violence and laced with humor. The first in my Quint Mitchell Mystery series was MATANZAS BAY, an award-winning adventure set in the nation's oldest city. The second in the series, BRING DOWN THE FURIES, takes PI Mitchell to Allendale, SC where he becomes embroiled in an ugly cultural war and comes face to face with a serial arsonist.

In my first life I worked for the Public Broadcasting stations in NE Florida with diverse duties that included public affairs producer, director, reporter, fundraiser and producer of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. My first three books were written using my real name. They were adventure/fantasies with a feline protagonist. The WINDRUSHER trilogy won multiple awards and attracted readers of all ages.

Parker (aka Vic) lives in NE Florida with his wife and their rescued cats who tolerate them as long as their bowls are filled and litter boxes emptied.

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Bring Down The FuriesBring Down The Furies

Sherman’s troops burned it the first time. Now a serial arsonist threatens a small South Carolina town and private investigator Quint Mitchell is caught in the backdraft. When Quint follows the “Heartthrob Bandit” to the hamlet of Allendale, he finds himself in the crossfire of an ugly cultural war between an ultraconservative minister and the scientist who may have discovered proof of the oldest humans ever found in North America.

As the heat grows more intense, arson turns to murder, and Quint is embroiled in a growing firestorm that threatens to destroy Allendale for the second time. A media frenzy surrounding the clash of faith and science whips emotions to a fiery crescendo. With time running out, Quint is the only man standing between a vicious killer with nothing to lose and his plan to bring down the furies on Allendale and Quint.

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