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Coming Soon: 'Daughters of Eden: In the Beginning' by J.M. Schroder

Coming soon...

Book 2 of the 'Daughters of Eden' Series...

Check out 'In the Beginning':

Author J.M. Schroder is giving us a sneak peak at her upcoming book. Check out this exclusive excerpt from Chapter 1!


I am God’s Archangel, Michael, first Angel created by God. I assisted in the creation of the heavens and the earth, plants and animals and the other creatures created by the other Gods of the Universe. I choose the location for Eden. I found that it was lush with vegetation and two magnificent rivers running through it. The temperature was perfection, never to hot or to cold. The Garden was made so that humankind could live in and prosperity with all of Yahweh’s bounty that he bestows upon them.
I watched and assisted the creation of each and every animal of the land. Then he created man and woman. The woman was perfect in every way. One of the most glorious and beautiful creatures that God has created, her beauty is such that it takes away from the beauty of the rest of creation. Hair of the midnight sky, spun out of the softest silk, eyes the color of most beautiful and rare blue coral that is found in the sea. Skin the color of the sweetest golden honey, so beautiful against the black of her hair, lips plump like the red berries of the field and ready for tasting.
I fell in love with her the very moment that God placed in the Garden with the male of her species. He had nothing on her she should have been created an Angel or a Goddess. She woke as God put breathed life into her lungs. Her chest rose, and became full. Fully formed and beautiful she was.
I watched as her and the plain man as they learned about one another. Their personalities conflicted and clashed. He was to demanding of her fragile stature and gentle nature. She became cold and distant toward him and she went away from him whenever given the opportunity. She loved exploring the land with enthusiasm and awe. Always learning about the animals and tasting the various vegetation of the land. She loved experiencing the world with everything it had to give and all it had to offer her.
I watched and waited to see what would manifest between the pair that God created. I want to see if they would become compatible and start working in harmony as God had intended. Hoping that they would, but wishing that they would not.
Adam began to complain to Yahweh; he did not find the female acceptable, and that she didn’t submit to him, she wanted to be his equal not his submissive mate as he wanted her to be. My heart rejoiced at the knowledge. Hoping that God would see that this man and woman would not thrive, and wouldn’t live in harmony and that he in turn would create a woman more to Adams liking. I decided to befriend Lilith and began speaking with her. I never showed myself, but I allowed her to hear my voice and I began soothing her after the emotionally draining encounters she had with the Adam.
As I spent more time with her I noticed she was expecting the first human child. A new life growing within her, it was beautiful and was such a miracle. I watched her belly grow, and the new life growing in her womb. I want this woman with all that has given me I still want this woman.
As I watch her as she walk through the Garden alone. I think about how she deserves all the happiness I have to offer her.
Lilith, how is the child growing in you today.” I came down beside her, she could hear me but could not see me, it did not seem to bother her at all, she was so at ease with her surroundings and she was used to Yahweh talking to her in this fashion.
Hello, my lord, it is nice to hear your voice.” She said in her soft sweet voice it was pleasant to hear. “The babe is moving as though she wants out already.”
So you think the babe is a female?” I ask so that I can hear her voice it is like the sweetest melody in heaven or earth.
Yes and her name shall be Isis.” She said with so much confidence.
And if it is a boy?” I asked.
It is not a boy.” She said, “I will never carry a son. I shall only have females.”
It shocked me that she didn’t think that she could have a male child, I was curious to why she would say something like that, her reasoning. But should I ask. Do I want to know her reasoning?
So you shall never have a male.” I stated matter-of-fact like. “You’ll be a mother to females only? Then how shall your children reproduce, if there are no males?”
The will find men outside the Garden of course, Yahweh shall provide.” She responded in the same manner as I had.
Why will they not marry the men that God provides them?” I asked becoming confused but very interested in what she had to say.
Because we will not be in this Garden for much longer. And my daughter’s children…” she hesitated. “They’ll have to save the world from what God is to create next.” She answered.
What is God going to create next?” I asked shocked that she is saying these things. How is it she can see things that not even God knows yet?
I don’t know yet, but the mother has told me that Yahweh will create something that shall turn so wicked it will cause the down fall of each and every one of God’s creation.” She explained as she continued down the path that she was walking, like none of this even bothered or concerned her.
You are not scared of these things that you are saying?” I stuttered, “You do not fear what shall become or happen to you or your children?”
No why should I be, you will protect me always and so will the mother.” She said so matter of fact like that it astonished me.
I was excited by her statement. She thought of me as her protector, but before I revel in it too much she interrupted my thought by continuing her thought. “Along with Yahweh,” she finished.
Yes we’ll always protect you from any evil that wishes to harm you.” I said a little deflated at not being the only one she thought as her protector.
My Angel Michael, why do you talk to me so often? Why do you seek me out? Don’t you have duties to your God to fulfill?” she asked very boldly.
My duty is to watch over you and all of God’s creatures.” I answered.
Then why is it that I always feel you near me, it is like you never leave me?” She asked with a smile on her beautiful lips.
It’s because I find you the most interesting and intriguing, but my lovely Eve. But right now I do have to leave you and report to our God on your thoughts.”
When we speak again, I shall have more questions there is so much I would love to know and learn.” She continued down the path.
I watched her for a few more moments as she walked away loving the way her hips swayed gracefully side to side so alluring and beautiful. “I know you are still there Michael, go do your duty.” She said with a laugh. I jumped at her declaration, knowing she could not see me and the hearing her melodic laugh.
I left with a smile and a warm heart. I know as I went to approach Yahweh to tell him everything I had learned that he would already know of it, but I wasn’t sure he would know what Lilith thought in that beautiful and very intelligent head of hers.
I transported myself to the heavens, missing the presence of her loving smile. Entering the halls of Yahweh’s great Fortress in the heavens it always took my breath away. But it was now losing its appeal as I thought about Lilith’s beauty in comparison. I ushered myself into the throne room of Yahweh own personal dwelling area. Bowing deeply before the throne, “My Lord, may it please you can I have a moment of your time?”
Yes Angel, what is it that you have to tell me?” he answered his voice echoing off the walls of his intricately designed walls. The etching in the walls lay out the designs of the Universe and the worlds beyond a guide to creation and the layouts of the other Gods’ creatures.
Coming to sit on the before Yahweh I thought carefully about how I would express my feelings without putting them in the forefront so that I did not seem to excited at the fact that Lilith and Adam would not be as Yahweh had wanted them.
What is it that has you so twisted into rings of turmoil as to make is so you are not comfortable in speaking with me?” Yahweh questioned me lovingly and it reassured me that what I had to say would not make my Lord unhappy.
Lilith, she is still walking the Garden alone, has Adam not missed his spouse.” I said but it seemed more as a question then a statement.
Adam is not pleased with Lilith, she does not appeal to him and she will not submit to his will.” He answered.
How is my lord for a man of your creation unable to find such perfection appealing?”
Do you find her appealing my Angel?” He asked me in a curious tone to his voice that surprised me; I thought he would know all of my inner thoughts and feelings.
Yes, my Lord I do. Any man or angel who is not without sight would find her appealing.” I answered bowing my head even lower waiting for his anger on my answer, because the woman was not created for me.
Lift up my loyal Angel; I want to look into your eyes.” He said softly as not to instill fear into my heart, “Do you crave this woman as your own?”
Yes,” I said hesitantly, “I do my Lord, I do not say this to offend or anger you, but I find the woman appealing like you made her for me and she feels like her soul is part of my own.”
Would you take her unto yourself if you were allowed?”
Yes, my Lord, I would” I answered as humbly and as slowly as I could, not wanting to seem overly eager, even though I know he could already sense my emotions stirring up inside of my essence.
This is what I shall do I will create a woman from the flesh and bones of Adam one that he will find pleasing and appealing.” Yahweh continued, “She shall be bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh, his other half, part of him, she will be acceptable to him, and he shall be made happy and he shall release Lilith of her bonds to him.”
And what shall become of Lilith and the child that she carries?” I asked feeling my heart and blood race though my angelic body.
If she shall so choose she may take you as her mate, and you both shall serve me and produce children and help fill the earth with my heavenly creation.”
I then thought of what Lilith had told me.
My Angel I know of your concern, my humans have free will so I can’t predict their choices and I do know however that they are created in the image my Angels, who have all been loyal to me.” He said, “So do not fret and do not worry on it, if Lilith chooses to takes you as her own you may live in the Garden with your mate.”
I went back to the Garden and looked for my woman, my Lilith, my mate if she would have me. I found her sitting at the river’s edge soaking her feet in the cool water. She was so beautiful. She ran her delicately small hand over swollen belly as if she were caressing her child already. You could see the love shining in her eyes as she kicked her feet softly creating ripples in the calm area of the water.
I know you have returned Angel.” She said with a soft laugh, “I feel your presence.”
I have, my lovely Lilith.” I said, “I will just watch over you for now, enjoy your soak. She slowly entered the water up to her waist, her beautiful long silky midnight colored hair cascading down her slim back and the reaching down into the water, she laid back and kicked out and began swimming in the water. She looked as though she should be one of those water creatures that swam with fluidity and grace, like she had become one with the water.
I could watch the sheer perfection of this woman for hours, days, months, years; actually I could do it for an eternity. She was beautiful in every way. She turned to her back her small pert breasts peaking above the water, their pink peaks coming to tight points in the cool air. My heart started to beat faster in my chest I could feel like it was about to escape from my chest.
This woman did not comprehend what she could do to a man’s body. I don’t know how this woman was unable to please Adam. She was everything a woman should be, petite, beautiful, gentle, loving and so intelligent.
The Author
J.M. Schroder
Jennie Schroder lives with her husband and three amazing and energetic children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She studies Court Reporting at Sumner College in Portland, Oregon. Her love of writing took off in her junior high school years in Mrs. Eckert’s Creative Writing Class. Now she is sharing the stories in her head with everyone because there are way too many to keep to herself. If not writing, seeking out readers, interacting and thanking her amazing supporters, or daydreaming about her next story or being a very exhausted mother to 2 young boys and a teenage daughter, Jennie loves most to be playing with her family – indoors and out and reading.
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