Wednesday, July 3, 2013

'This Plague of Days (The Zombie Apocalypse Serial Season One)' by Robert Chazz Chute


An autistic boy faces the end of the world with his middle class, suburban family in the heartland of America. As a deadly virus spreads, governments lie to their citizens, quarantine victims and isolate cities. The pandemic brings civilization as we know it to an end. Worse? The virus mutates. London falls and the infected become cannibals. Prepare for the invasion of America. Read Season 1 of This Plague of Days.

Read an excerpt:
Jaimie closed his eyes and pointed at a random page of the thickest dictionary. His finger found cacophony. To the Greeks, the word connoted not merely a harsh sound, but something evil. In medicine, it referred to an altered state of voice. In music, a combination of discordant sounds. School had often been a cacophony for Jaimie, but he could not detect evil. The ambient sounds in his classroom had been more like the musical definition, loud at times, but organized around lesson plans, bells and learning new things.
Next to cacophony, cacoplastic waited. The term referred to pathology, “susceptible to a low degree of organization.” Since the Sutr Virus, the neighborhood had become quiet. It was certainly much quieter than the bedlam his classroom could descend to, but the quiet was more disturbing. He saw no one on the sidewalk in front of his house and traffic on his once busy suburban drive was rare.
The Greeks were wrong, Jaimie decided. It was the quiet that held evil.
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Robert Chazz Chute is a former journalist, award winning writer, podcaster and the author of nine books. Find out more at and

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