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Review of 'The Fairytale Mother' by Heather Muzik

The Fairytale Mother

Once upon a time two lives intertwined…

A broken heart.

When Andrew Krenshaw’s wife goes missing, terror becomes desperation as he is forced to cope with a world of uncertainty where he has suddenly become a single father, an unfortunate celebrity… a potential murderer.

A hopeful heart.

Melanie Tull has everything she ever wanted in her life… except perhaps love. Her husband is absent and demanding all at once. Her home, a shell of perfection with a cold center. Her life, busy yet vacant.

… Herein lies the tale that binds them.

**My thoughts**

This book is a roller coaster of a page-turner, grabbing your attention from the very beginning and twisting its way through the plot from beginning to end.
Andrew is a mess. He has taken his family for granted all of these years. Now that his wife has disappeared, he unravels under a cloud of suspicion and drowns in a whirpool of loss and despair.

Corinne, the missing wife, knew deep down that her husband loved her, yet felt completely unappreciated with Andrew's lack of attention and his devotion to his job.

Paul is a frightening man. He puts on an act with his daughters, telling them nightly stories about this beautiful fairy princess. This way he can endear himself to them. At the same time, he is building up resentment in his wife, who is always stuck doing everything else around the house. He is horribly controlling, demanding to know where Melanie is at all moments of the day. On the family calendar, he writes down what time she is expected home. Even if she is five minutes late, he changes the time on the calendar to reflect her actual arrival time. He withholds affection from her and wallows in some kind of misery as he hides himself in his office at home. He is abusive, plain and simple.

Melanie is the victim of his abuse. She knows his treatment of her is unacceptable and does little things to rebel. Yet at the same time, she is drawn back to him, trying to find ways of getting into his good graces and longing for a more spontaneous and loving relationship. She is trying to become more independent in her little rebellions, but seems to exacerbate her problems, instead.

Then, there are the children. Children are innocent bystanders in all of the chaos and commotion. Because they are young, they have no idea what is really going on with their parents. The author captures their voices in such a way that it makes your heart ache for them. 

She also captures the turmoil that both Melanie and Andrew are experiencing. You can feel their pain oozing off of the pages. You are riding the ride with them. You are shocked as you discover the twisted secrets with them. It's hard to put the book down, because you have a strong need to find out what is going to happen next.

Buy: Kindle / Paperback /B&N (coming August 8th)

About Heather

After a childhood spent living in various northern states--New Jersey for half of that (South Jersey, exit 4, to be exact)--she struck out on her own. First stop, Atlanta, Georgia. After attending GA Tech to study Industrial Engineering, she settled down in a small town outside the city where she has remained ever since. She keeps house for one husband, two sons, and a thankless dog (who she adores anyway). Her loves: books, bacon, bargains... heavy metal, Christmas movies... a great pair of jeans... and anything cheesy. The four dirtiest words she knows: wash, cook, dust, iron.

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  1. Thanks so much for being part of the tour, Andrea! I loved reading your thoughts! I especially like how you speak of Andrew as unraveling--such a beautiful way to describe it!


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